The personal loans offered

Fixed-rate loan, with amortization in constant installments to be repaid normally on a monthly basis.

On you will find a number of personal loan offers, banks and financial companies.

Below we show the characteristics of the loans offered on our site:

Eligibility requirements

personal loan

To apply for a personal loan, you must be resident in Italy and be aged between 18 and 70.
furthermore, to increase the probability having accumulated delays in the repayment of previous loans and not requesting disproportionate amount with their own income and / or one’s own repayment capacity).

Delivery mode

Unlike the finalized loan, in which the loan is paid directly to the customer. Most affiliated institutes provide funding by direct crediting to the applicant’s current account; some offer the check alternative.

Refund method

money refund

Almost all Institutes require reimbursement of direct debit from the applicant’s current account (RID) as this procedure offers greater guarantees of punctuality in repayments. Some institutes accept, as an alternative, reimbursement through postal bills.

Guarantees provided

Normally no guarantee is required. In some cases, however, the indication of a guarantor is requested.

Evaluation of requests

Evaluation: the dairy is selected by the clients after comparing the offers.
It is the institute that collaborates with to carry out the evaluation, independently and according to their own criteria.
Normally the feasibility opinion is given within two working days even if, in some cases, additional information is requested.

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